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A testimonial from a parent: "I think this nonprofit organization is doing wonders for children with disabilities. Insurance would not cover for a bike for my son and I have low income due to the fact I have to work part time. Being on his bike really puts a smile on my son's face. Thank you."

REACHcycles started with a generous donation from anonymous disabled veterans. This donation bought the first 5 trykes that we presented to disabled children in July 2014. One of those recipients (pictured below) decided to donate all of her piggy bank savings to REACHcycles so another child could experience the freedom of one of these adapted trykes. Kind acts such as this really sum up our organization.

piggy bank.jpeg

We are made up of an all voluntary, unpaid staff dedicated to making sure %100 of your donation provides a donated bite to children and veterans with disabilities.  We operate on less than 4% administration costs and cover this expense through board donation.


Each tryke costs between $800-$2000 on average $1400 with all custom adaptions unique to the childs disability.


By Mail

Donations are tax-deductable and can be made out to:  REACHcycle


Mailed to:​​


2536 Falkirk Drive

N. Chesterfield, VA 23236


Safe and Secure

By Email

Questions About Donations?

Email Us.

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