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AmTryke/Rifton Cycles

The fun and freedom of riding your own bike is something everyone should be able to enjoy.  We provide Adaptive bikes for individuals who are unable to operate a traditional bikes. These unique tricycles are designed to accommodate riders of all ages, sizes, and varying degrees of physical limitations. They can be hand or foot operated or a combination of both, improving motor skills, strength development, self-esteem as well as quality time with family and friends.

Bike Models

REACHcycles Process and Wish List
Once the application is submitted (link below), if the family is unable to purchase the tryke, they will be placed on our Wish List.  Wish List requests are filled on a first come first serve basis, as we raise the funds to donate the bikes. Serving the children and veterans of the state of Virginia. If you live outside of the state of Virginia, please email us for resources that may help your family obtain a bike.  If a family is interested in purchasing the bike ($600-$2000 based on size and accessories) they will be placed up front for the next evaluation.

Wish list wait time can be 4- 6 months due to the large demand and current shipping delays.  Wait time can lengthen or shorten based on availability of funds and cycles.

If your family or PT/OT recommends a different bike model outside of the models that we offer, then feel free to email us for separate resources that may help.


REACHcycles Evaluations
Once your application is approved Your family will be invited to one of our quarterly evaluations throughout the year. These are conducted at various locations in Richmond and Lynchburg by licensed therapists and student therapists who are all trained and certified for properly fitting children.










We encourage families to help fundraise for their child's bike to expedite the process. For helpful fundraising tips click the link below.

To apply for a bike please complete this entire application. Once approved, one of our therapists will be in contact once your application comes up in the Wish List. Please be patient with our all volunteer nonprofit as we receive numerous applications.
Any questions contact us at


We look forward to helping your child!


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